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Modify non beneficial behaviors, emotions and feelings and create powerful, positive associations. Not all hypnotherapy is created equal! Gila uses the E & P model of suggestibility and sexuality. (Emotional and Physical). These are fundamental in how we learn and interact with all relationships. Habit control, anxiety, phobias and chronic physical issues are just a few of the areas where hypnosis has been proven effective.


Train your mind and body to manage the stress of modern daily life, chronic pain or disease with the latest technology.

*A $25 fee applies to all missed appointments or a failure to notify within 24 hours for cancellation.


Spiritual Real Time Correction offers a highly specialized program to enhance one’s Life Force, or Chi and direct it in self healing.

Meditation Coaching / Instruction

Group or private sessions available. Don’t think you could ever turn off the chatter in your head? Tried and true methods are used to achieve inner peace and focus.

Energy Signature Coding

Determine your energy signature to highlight your natural gifts and better manage your challenge areas. Based on the principles of Chinese Medicine and The Code, these easy real life applications can have immediate and significant benefits to reducing stress and creating harmony in your life.

Bio Rhythms and Lunar Cycles

It has long been recognized that our bodies follow a natural rhythm and as the lunar cycle affects the tides, so too can it affect our bones, systems and organs. Learn how best to use the lunar cycle for detoxifying the body or enhancing healing no matter what methods you are using be it Eastern or Western.