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Mind Bending

I have always been fascinated with the power of the mind. When I was a little girl in the very early seventies, I had heard that there were people who could move objects with their “mind”. I would sit and stare at objects, sure that if I concentrated long and hard enough, I could get them to move. Well, that never happened, but it also never deterred me. Even then I knew that I just needed to learn the secret to making it happen, and then it would.

Like most of us, as I grew older, I also grew more cynical. I had to have proof of everything before I could believe. Perhaps that is why I became drawn to Biofeedback – because there is decades of “proof” of the mind-body connection and how we can change our physiology with our mind.

In the course of researching the mind-body connection over the years, I have indeed come across people who actually can move and bend objects without touching them. The secret, it seems, is in building your Life Force (or Qi as it is also known) and directing it with your thought or “mind”. It is real, and anyone can do it with patience and practice. What I am excited about now is how science is starting to study this phenomenon in earnest. Here is a link to a video that someone shared with me – a true “Qi-Master”. While this is someone who has spent their entire life perfecting and using this gift, I find it hopeful that one day we will all be taught the ability to use the power of our own mind to affect our physical being.