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Interactive Workshop February 18th and 19th

Connect With Your Intuition
and Inner Guidance

An Interactive Workshop


This collaborative two day workshop was designed to instruct anyone
who is interested in developing and using their natural intuitive abilities in a practical manner


Susette Smith, Intuitive

Presenting three different techniques for accessing your inner guidance

• Pendulum Method – Feel the flow of energy through a pendulum as you ask questions,
look for lost objects and more

• Muscle Testing – a fast and effective way to access Higher knowledge
in the moment, anywhere & anytime

• Remote Viewing – connect with people, places and events to aid in emotional and
spiritual growth. Excellent for deciphering dreams!

To learn more about Susette, visit her website at

Christopher Dilts of Ask an Angel

Leading the group in a short series of yogic breathing Chi enhancing exercises,
followed by a guided meditation to deepen your intuition and to open,
cleanse and enhance your 6th chakra (third eye)

To learn more about Christopher, visit his website at

Gila Zak, CBS

Guiding you through an exercise to determine your own unique energy signature
and how these gifts color your intuitive abilities and perceptions of the world around you
This workshop is limited to 12 participants and space will be reserved
on a first come first served basis.

Pre-payment is required, credit and debit cards accepted. Deadline for registration is Monday February 13th


 Reservations received and paid by Friday February 3rd will include a FREE pendulum for use in class

Bring your own pendulums or purchase one the day of the workshop for $12.50 (includes tax)

 Workshop price $125 

Location: Quantum Waves, 1320 Van Beurden Drive, Los Osos

Dates / Times: Sat. February 18th  9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sun. February 19th  9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Please contact Gila Zak for reservations and payment at