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Relationship Strategies

iStock_000016833423Small“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”

In this popular statement, we are led to believe that women and men are inherently different in the way they communicate. What may be a more reliable factor to determine ones communication style would be their Sexual Suggestibility, or sexual personality. This is best described as how we outwardly express ourselves in our relationships. Depending on who we are in a relationship with, certain behaviors will be triggered and we will respond according to our sexual personality traits.

If you are experiencing challenges in a relationship, or have noticed repeating patterns in your behavior over the course of your relationships, then you owe it to yourself to examine how your sexual personality can work for you or against you.

There are two types of sexual personalities, as there are suggestibility types. These are also referred to as Emotional and Physical. There are four core traits that go into determining your dominant sexual personality type. All four are carefully considered and a dominant type is assigned. Again, as in your suggestibility, no one person is 100% Emotional or Physical. Once you understand you dominant personality type, Gila will show you how your behavior can be utilized to create fulfilling and more harmonious relationships.

It is important to understand that in the case of Emotional or Physical Sexual Suggestibility, neither type is better or more advantageous over the other. Both have their strengths and challenges.

You can take a short quiz and watch a fun and informative video about the E & P Attraction here:    Relationship Strategies E & P Test

Please note that this quiz is only one piece of the puzzle in assessing your sexual personality. Call me today to learn the rest!