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What to Expect


Hypnosis is actually a state of hyper awareness, much like being totally absorbed in the present moment – so much so that the outside world seems to fade away. It is a natural state of consciousness that everyone experiences, to varying degrees every day. When we are tired, distracted or have low blood sugar as well as driving, watching movies or reading – these are all differeing levels of being in state.

With clinical hypnosis, this natural state is deepened and clients remain alert and awake and experience deep relaxation.


Biofeedback is a non invasive practice. Wrist bands and ankle bands that very much resemble those of a watch fit comfortably and are easily applied. There is also a headband that has built in electrodes that is worn across the forehead.

Clients recline and relax in a zero gravity leather chair. The initial presentation of frequencies to the nervous system takes about three minutes. Progressive relaxation guided imagery is used to allow for maximum interface of the device with the client. After that point, clients are free to sleep or engage in their own private meditation while the training programs are run. Almost all clients take advantage of the opportunity to drift off to a light sleep, waking refreshed, calm and relaxed!

All sessions are an hour in duration, unless more or less time is requested with a maximum of one and one half hours.